Posted by: denisevp3 | January 31, 2009

So about that new Jack knife…

So as I said Zach has been very busy whittling any thing in sight. Today I picked up a bag of carving blocks -pieces of wood that fit nicely in the palm of your hand. Zach was working on his first fish. His Dad had been sitting with him and carving as well . Zach was very into it and kept at it. I was helping Caleb find his narble(marble) for the marble run he had made when I hear Zach say”Mom come now I cut my finger” Sure enough it was cut nice and clean. Blood just a dripping. He put it right under the water. It was clear it needed stitches but guess what ITS SNOWING.I did head out but the roads were treacherous and to do that would be foolish. So back to the house. Bill grabbed butterfly stitches from the kitchen , Rob the camp Handy man who was a medic arrived behind Bill and we dressed him up with butterflies and (kisses). Now other then a throbbing finger He has settled into a book and is over the excitement. He had been doing so well….


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