Posted by: denisevp3 | February 2, 2009

Fun in the ..Snow day.

wow it was almost 40 degrees out today. WE all headed out on various forms of equipment. Bill and Caleb were on snow shoes. Caleb was very excited to be be heading out for the “forest” HE loves those excursions with his Dad.

 Once they were out the door Zach and I got into our cross country ski gear. we headed out right behind the other tow. they were clear out of sight almost top the top of the far end of the shale pit before we even got to the bottom of the new driveway. we did not get as far along as they did. Zach had trouble getting up the hill and I had ditched my poles. so I couldnt get him out of his skiis. Bill came back and freed him from my skiis. they had started to come apart I guess they are a little old(almost 25 years).

WEll we ended up walking the rest of the time falling through the top layers of snow. It made for slow going and by the time we reached home we were definitly ready for a rest!!

Caleb did very well. he and his Dad went off into the woods where they saw dear and fox tracks. Oliver (our Cat) also went along on the days festivities. He took a sled ride and was able to check out several nooks and cranies for himself.


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