Posted by: denisevp3 | February 5, 2009

Another milestone…

Tonight was bittersweet. Caleb’s crib which he has been happily sleeping in for the last three years was removed and replaced with the official big boy bed! HE was very excited about this prospect. HE picked his favorite Thomas the Tank sheets(once Zach’s favorite) and with his five blankies in tact was delighted with the new set up. I had to not think about the situation too much, it started to bring tears to my eyes as I realized my youngest was growing up and going through another milestone.

As bed time approached and I had finished reading to Caleb and we had settled in for a good rock with his favorite winterludes for guitars playing he looked at me and said ok could you put it back the way it was so I can go to bed! Yikes! I was able to reassure him that his pillow and all his blankies were the same and waiting and after one more trip to the potty he finally went off to sleep oh yes he had to pose for a couple of pictures.



  1. Good reading. Keep going with it. Tell Zachy I vote for the turtle! Loved Caleb’s comment.

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