Posted by: denisevp3 | February 13, 2009

Dinner Entertainment…

the good old days!

the good old days!

Tonight during dinner we listened to my record player,which was a christmas present from my DH Willy.

The boys love this new fangleed thing. Caleb asks to listen to Beethoven!(the 5th symphony) . They werent so thrilled about Godspell ,I’ll try that one again some time.

Tonight we listened to Mary Poppins. The joy  and the intrigue is so apparent on their faces. but when it got to the song about differents types of laughs. I think they laughed so hard they floated to the ceiling. Caleb is definitely a snorter!!  WE had to turn the record over and listen again while we worked on our craft project.

WE are still in the deep of winter. Our little heat wave melted the driveway some . I actually saw a little bare ground on the way to the mailbox this afternoon.



  1. “Godspell” is a Holy Week tradition in our house. I don’t know why or how it happened, but just like the “Messiah” is a given at Christmas time, that has become what we listen to right before Easter. You may want to get the movie for them to watch–they’ll enjoy the funky costumes!!

  2. I’ll check Netflix for that. Caleb usually asks for the TV first thing in the morning but not today he wanted the “music” back on. So lets wake up to Mary Poppins!

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