Posted by: denisevp3 | February 28, 2009

Do boys scrapbook????

Yesterday as I was working on my scrapbooking, Zach was hanging out neat me when he finally blurts out” Do boys scrapbook?”. Of course I said yes and set him up with some pictures and a very basic scrapbook. (it only holds one picture per page. HE was thrilled and went right to town. In no time I had to find some more pictures for him. EH is picking up the decorating and journaling very quickly.I think he is hooked. Now just to losen up and let him into all my stuff!

Zach deep into scrapbooking

Zach deep into scrapbooking



  1. Very cool – way to go Zachy! I hope you’re writing a paragraph or two about your favorite pictures – you have no idea how much fun it will be later, just like it’s fun for us to read this blog and feel like we’re sitting next to you while you’re scrap-booking. I can pretend that you’re concentrating so hard, you just can’t see us there, looking over your shoulder and admiring what you’re doing!

    Can we give Caleb our real lawn-mower to push around a bit next summer? We’re going to need someone with some enthusiasm for the lawn! Oh wait, he’ll have to be able to reach the handle, won’t he? So I guess for now his real job is growing.

    Gramma Karey

  2. Good journaling. Caleb is never going to go at anything in the ‘usual’ way. I expect great things from him and can’t wait to see what he does after college! Glad Zachy is into scrapbooking. His next step will be his own Blog. He could do one and make it only for us?

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