Posted by: denisevp3 | March 5, 2009

Getting ready for company.

A beautiful table!

A beautiful table!ah Thank you for company! Mom is stopping for a quick visit on her way to Boston. So it has been like spring cleaning. To add to the excitement of Gramma coming I get some stuff done I usually put off. The biggest being to find the table! Not only did I find it I found some candlesticks as well and new candles. which I lit just for the picture. Mom arrived safely despite the storm which thankfully stayed farther east. In all my cleaning we managed to throw out two bags of junk from Zach's toy room/guest room. tidied up the whole kitchen. The living room was even free of toys on the floor for a whole two hours!!!. Cleaning brought lots of fun even for the boys the chairs were ousted to the living room to play train with, but I quickly heard that they were really a roller-coaster. H well it kept them out of my hair so the floor could be mopped and the table found!!!roller coaster chairs


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