Posted by: denisevp3 | March 17, 2009

Another room finished….

Bill and I finally spent two days painting and setting up Zachs new double bed. Zach picked out the colors. they are spiderman 1 colors the blue and red.Zach was also able to help with the paianting. I did the trim and he and his Dad took turns doing the big stuff. when the paint dried in went the new bed and all the Transformer wall stickers and the various super heros and X-men. Gramma was here and she and Grampa got him a Cd/radio Clock /alarm clock . So He is hot stuff now. Getting use to sleeping downstairs is coming along. THe cats kept in there last night!!

Zachs new turf

Zachs new turf



  1. Congratulations all! Great colors and a wonderful theme. Zachy, this is proof you’re invincible (within reason, of course). And sweet dreams… I hope at the point I’m writing this, you are all dreaming sweetly – it’s late! Much love, Gramma Karey

  2. Cute! I love the colors and hope Zach loves his new room!
    When are you coming to paint in my house?? Love, m

  3. I love the new room and that Zachary feels so comfortable in it. Zachy you have reached a new achievment level in your life. The colors you picked are so (to put it in the language of the 70’s) Hip!! Love you, Gramma-in-Florida.

  4. Awesome colors. Spiderman spiderman does whatever a spider can…..sleeps in bed, it’s all red..wakes up with a sleepy head (that would be Caleb). Should be sung to the Spiderman tune, of course.

    Aunt M and Uncle W.

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