Posted by: denisevp3 | March 20, 2009

24 hour vacation….

Yesterday we made a whirlwind vacation out to Providence to spend the afternoon with Kyle and Shannon his girl friend. Kyle needed some clothes and paperwork for his college financial aid so we thought (and knowing Kyle like we do) that we would go out and do the shopping with him. WE picked them about 130 and had fun finding Walmart. Shannon is terrible with directions and Kyle is only half better. Bill stayed patient and only had to turn around three times. At  Walmart Shannon tried her best to get kyle to pick a color other then the basic black . She succeeded a couple of times.picked up flip-flops and you’ll never guess, Kyle picked up knitting this winter. Something to do to keep warm I guess! So we got some more yarn. and that handy dandy sew on hem stuff. Your uniform has got to be perfect!

WE headed out to pizza hut . Had the place to ourselves which was a good thing because Caleb was tired of being buckled in . HE pretended to be Kitty cat. All of a sudden he went up to Shannon gave her a big hug and said I love you! Then back under the table meowing! Zach on the other hand was put out that this girl was there, He did finally warm up to her after dinner.

AS we were leaving Kyle asked if we wanted to see the beach,we jumped at the chance to run around for awhile.Only had to turn around twice for this trip! The boys got to play and blow of some steam. IT was chilly though so we did head back to Campus ,WE dropped the kids off and gave hugs before heading North to Sturbridge for the night. It was good to see Kyle and Shannon too. They have given each other promise rings. So we will see what happens in a couple of years when they are done with college!

the four of us then headed to Sturbridge to a Hotel with an Indoor pool!! We had to change immedialtly and then head to the pool! WE did have a lot of fun. A little warmer would have been nice but the boys did not seem to notice. The room was warm.

 Back home Friday morning in time for a nap and my Friday Sams club run!


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