Posted by: denisevp3 | March 20, 2009

a visit to RI…

playing at the beach

playing at the beach

Kyle and Shannon, Daddy, Caleb and Zachary visiting the beach on the Harbor in RI



  1. Dear all –

    Looks like a day when you could almost imagine going swimming! Shannon is really prettyand you all look happy. Denise, isn’t it nice to have another girl around so you’re not so seriously out-numbered?

    Gramma Karey

  2. Very nice picture, but you didn’t write anything! Shannon is pretty and everyone is smiling. Do you have a pic with you in it?

  3. Wow Kyle has a cute girl friend! Doesn’t RI have the nicest beaches? Zack you must be taller than me now! Bill won’t be holding Caleb on his shoulder much longer…where are you Denise?

  4. of course there is no picture with me in it!! Zach took a couple of those in your face pictures in the car. THere was a pictuere of me in the pool with the boys but I would never put that where it could be seen!

  5. Awesome! Shannon is very pretty, Kyle looks great and Zach, Caleb and Bill look very handsome as well. This is what Wil and I would call an ‘album cover shot” or CD cover shot, or download covershot nowadays. I can’t keep up. I like the composition with Zach up front.

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