Posted by: denisevp3 | May 4, 2009

A walk in the forest…

"this is my forest"
“this is my forest”OH I am so happy I finally came over to camp to load pictures on my blog and it was so quick, Sunday we had a very leisurely day. The Ladies retreat tired me out! WE went walking and had a quiet time with God at Sunset. The boys were thrilled to be running through the forest. Run is exactly what we did. The black flies were thick and we did not standstill for long.IT was great t see the small leaves poking out and the burial trees in bloom. WE swung down through Pine Ridge enjoyed the Tee pee for a bit and scooted home quickly. WE are continuing to work on the garden. IT is looking good the peas are for your life the black flies are coming…


run for your life the black flies are coming...

run for your life the black flies are coming...



  1. Excellent!! Now you know where to go to get something done. What would you have to do to get the same hook up as they have in the kitchen? loved the pictures.

  2. How did I miss this one? what are burial trees? Loved the pictures. Mom

  3. When this particlar tree comes into bloom the ground is thawed enough to bury the winters dead thus the name burial tree!

  4. As you can see, I am losing my mind:(short term memory) Obviously I did see and read it on May 5!! Have you reserved my room in The Home?

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