Posted by: denisevp3 | June 12, 2009

catching up..

It has been way to long since my last entry.Where do I begin.Memorial Weekend Zach ,Caleb and I drove out to Providence to pick up Kyle and his girl friend Shannon to bring them out for the long weekend. We moved some of their stuff into an apartment where they planned to stay for the summer. It was a hot day and close quarters, but after a lot of stop and go we made it home . The boys (all of them) are in love with Shannon. She is great with them too. We got caught up on all the college stories of roommates and  crazy chefs. They ate like wilds tigers( the food at a culinary college is awful!!! )With in hours I had request for all the favorite foods. I think they will eat me out of house and home!

Shannon painting with Caleb

Shannon painting with Caleb

After a couple of days of getting to know each other and planning ahead I t became apparent that it would not be in their best interest to return to RI. So they will stay with us for the summer and try to find jobs here. So far we have had great fun. games at night, crafts in the evening good food by chef Kyle and several camp fires . I have eaten more s’mores in the forest then I have in years! What a blessing it has been to have them home.Kyle has matured in so many ways. Shannon is wonderful for him. She holds him accountable and has been able to draw him out, he will open up to her and share his thoughts. They work well togehter in the kitchen too.

three of my guys working on the tree house

three of my guys working on the tree house

OH my I forgot the tree house . You know I requested a little tree house in the forest for the boys to have the fun of building with Dad. that once in a life time or child hood anyway tree house. Well what was to be this small tree house has turned into a space larger then my bedroom. You could fit a twelve man tent up there. You will access the tree house on a rope ladder suspended inside the old phone booth. He did plan for a gradual ladder for the old people(mom and Dad and maybe gramma and grampa when they come to visit). Zach is working on coat racks and a seat to go in between the trees. The front is so high off the ground we may hang a swing under it. Some day it would be fun to have a zip line,so you can make a quick getaway!           

Zach holding boards for his Dad

Zach holding boards for his Dad

The garden is all in. some new things this year. a try at broccoli, sprouts and eggplant. The peas were planted on Good Friday and are doing well we should have some peas in a couple of weeks if nothing eats them first.carrots and beats were planted by seed tape and the beets are up well but waiting for the carrots to do their thing. the ground has been very dry. It has been raining the last few days so things are looking very good in the garden.

I hope to get the picture of our battery operated potty in as well. the cats or big kids bumped the flashlight into the potty. the batteries sunk to the bottom onbenonese to us and clogged the potty up. The only way to care for the problem is by taking th epotty out of the house an dremove the batteries!! WEll I got the floor good and cldean as well as touching up the paint that was hard to reach with the potty in place.

The boys have been busy with gymnastics, but at home the fun has been found in butterflies a young fawn and frogs! Random butterflies and moths appear, to be examined before they fly off.  A mother Deer was killed just passed the house and her baby fawn has been orphaned. It came out of the “forest” and we were able to get a few photos of it befre it went back into hiding.

AT noon today Oliver brought home a frog. The boys had to check it out and set it free in the frog pond. Then they got their water shoes and boots and headed down to look for their own frogs. IT was alot of fun. I freed a darning needle from the water and got  three or four good pictures of it . Unfortunately I had forgotten to take the date off the screen so the inprint is on every  one. Zach was able to catch several frogs. I love my new camera because it picks up such details. the dirt and prints of Zachs hands to the very glass of the frogs eye. Mr. Caleb would not touch the water. He declard it was covered in spiders and he did not want them on him. He did finally scoop up a few tad-poles in his bucket. He was content to follow Zach around.

Well Bill has the flu. Thank goodness Kyle is home . He and Shannon have had to step in and prepare the meals for this weekends guests. God is good though and Kyle has stepped up to the plate we are proud of him.

Well thanks to dial up I will have to add photos later! Time to get a little guy off to bed!

Battery operated

Battery operatedfawn


Zach at the frog pond

Zach at the frog pond

swampy eyes

swampy eyes


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