Posted by: denisevp3 | June 28, 2009

alone at last…

I am finally alone int he kitchne and can get some work done on this blog. Bills flue went into cellulitus in his foot. HE may have caught the bactria while his immune system was low and he was in the frog pond. WEll he ended up spending four days in the hospital getting super does of antibiotics. While he waas there they discovered he also has Lymes disease. HE came home with lots of antibiotics to take forthree weeks. this past week he has not been at the top of his game. Kyle has helped alot to keep the kitchen going. That has been a blessisng.I have pictures of his foot and leg but I wont show those here!!


Caleb has been very busy drawing pictures. Under diress he will write his name. But his pictures are of th ecutest aliens you have ever seen. they all ahve different personalities and they often are doing diferent things. . ONe day he drw one just for Grampa, another day his alien was jumping in th emud. ONe night as he was drawing he says to me”what else does he need ” well hair might be nice” “no I think he needs buffalo horns” and so he drew on the buffalo horns. Shannon cut out the outline of a tiger for him and he promptly filled in the tiger markings ,flipped it over and drew on his alien. ONe night while we were at the hospital Becky had drawn a flower and a fish while he was drawing aliens, he took her picture and drew his Alien right over the top.IF you come to visit just keep looking you will be sure to find me buried under a pile of aliens!

Caleb and one of his erasable Aliens

Caleb and one of his erasable Aliens

Kyle and Zach on th eshed roof

Kyle and Zach on th eshed roof

Bill,Kyle, Shannon,and Zach (Caleb too) worked very hard on removing all the old shinglesand rotten boards and replacing it wth new tar paper and rolled shingles. Kyle did th eheft of the work as his dad became ill in the middle of it all. IT looks much better now Thanks Kyle!~


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