Posted by: denisevp3 | July 7, 2009

July 4th

July fourth night was wonderful. THe six of us went up to sunset in the opposite direction of the crowds at camp her were out at the rim hoping to view the fireworks being set off over the Empire Plaza. WE decided we would rather enjoy the sunset and a fire at “sunset”. INdeed we had a beautiful sunset.  The colors were magnificent.



As it got dark I pulled out our stash of sparklers Gramma and Grampa brought up from Florida last spring. Kyle and Shannon took them into the edge of the dark forest so they would show up better. Zach loves to write in the air with them, and Caleb declared they were too hot. WEll it was not long befroe wewere treated to wonderful firewowrk displays. scattered all across the valley from just below us to Altamont and over to albany some North as this is a great place to see the Adirondack Mountains.


Zach with sparklers

Zach with sparklers

WE had a huge bonfire and as it calmed down some we took out the marshmallows. The Camp nurse joined us. WE new she was from South Seneca school district but as we compared notes we found out she lives right down the street from my mother-in-law. She and Bill kept sharing names back and forth until they found out they new the Wagners really well. Small world insnt it!

our fire

our fire


Around 10:00 we headed home . Bill went right to bed 220 foir breakfast! Zach got in the shower.As I headed in the bathroom to get ready for bed, I heard the rain pourinj goff the roof. IT had held off til we returned home and put the fire out the rest of the way.(we had already dumped lots of water on it)

The moom crept up behind us as we enjoyed the fire works!

The moom crept up behind us as we enjoyed the fire works!



  1. Great and a lot of information. Use the spell check on the computer. Good pictures!

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