Posted by: denisevp3 | July 14, 2009

Two things conquered!!!!

Zach was victorious over two milestones. HE completed one whole week of Day camp!!! HE took OUtdoor adventure and learned to tie notes and put a tent up, along with his fire making skills of the week past. EH earned his basic in swimming and will practice that again this week. and he earned his basic in sports. THey did wiffle ball,soccer,kickball basketball and a couple opf other small games.

swim lessons.

swim lessons.

last night however he was victorious in his swim test so he can now go in the deep end!!! HE has never been there for th etest before so he automatically has sto stay in the shallow end ,well he was getting to tall for that. So (deep breath) he is off to the deep end today!!!

I did it!!!

I did it!!!


This week he has returned to camp for more fun. HE is taking archery, Challenge course and swimming. I will try to get some challenge course pics tomorrow. Go Zach!


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