Posted by: denisevp3 | September 6, 2009

The Summer of Grace and Mercy

Keys to independence.

Keys to independence.

Grace-Undeserved acceptance and love received from one another. Although the biblical words for “grace” are used in a variety of ways, the most characteristic use is to refer to an undeserved favor granted by a superior to an inferior.

Mercy-An attribute of God. On the human level it is best described as a person’s consideration of the condition of the needs of his fellow man.

This summer Bill and I have extended this grace and mercy to our son and his girlfriend. We had conditions of them staying the summer. These were not met in a hurry but eventually. We did not put a condition on Grace , mercy and love. The summer had its ups and downs and we are more then glad they are moving into their own space because our has been invaded for to long!On the first they will enter their first apartment with little, enough food for a week at least, fears of the new , thrills at whats to come, joy at no more little brothers and controlling parents, and a fresh start at a new school. With hardly any debt over his head.

Now we had good times. Crafts games dinners together. Bill had the most time off in the summer he has ever had in 12 years,Because Kyle worked for him, Zach was introduced to wrestling(yuck) and Caleb had an endless craft partner.We had good talks good laughs.

OF course don’t get excited, we had to put up with two teenagers and not one. To her credit she kept him out of trouble. His anger that wells inside when things don’t go his way or his parents “control “him, was much better handled to our faces then ever before. While he has grown he still has a lot to go to reach maturity -Ithink science says a body does not understand reality until the age of 21! To our face he was often thankful, he is not one to be voicefully demanding,though  sometimes asuming. Helpful when asked but not always observant of what needs to be done.It often appeared as we were being used ,often we were,but we had a better sense of family this sumer then we have had in years because Bill was not over worked as usual. We will not repeat this summer a time of growing and life experience has been filled and does not need to be repeated.  WE are each ready to move on in a direction that does not include teenagers!!

To Zach and Caleb I look forward to continuing to raise them in a Godly manner, and pray that they will never set that aside even for a season.

We are looking forward to our space and routines to be our own! We ask prayers for their safety, (They will be living in the city of Schenectady where some one already tried to break into the car while they were apartment hunting!)prosperity in jobs to be found, school work and relationships they form. Health for the school year too!



  1. Denise, what a beautiful essay on love for a child! Yes, it was difficult at times, but for you to recognize the true meaning of God’s love is beautiful!

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