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Welcome Franklin Hills Jenny Elizabeth!!!

Happy dog

Happy dog

July 25,2009

on the way home with Jenny

on the way home with Jenny

Today we went for a road trip. WE were thrilled to be geting off the Mountain and that it was just Bill and I and Zach and Caleb. Kuyle stayed to work so Bill could have the day off. Bill said we were going on a road trip. not terribly long but it would take several hours out of the day . and it would be worth it so we were game off we went. IT was a beautiful day. After about two hours on the road we pulled into a the yard of Franklin Hills Kennels. A breeder of wonderful show Labradores. AS we got out of the car a woman named Cathy met us a showed us the surprise we had been waiting for. A 6 mos old Black lab soon to be named Jenny. Jenny was very excited to meet us as well! Caleb took a little while to warm up to this wiggling creature. I was thrilled to have Jenny be an early birthday surprise. We have so missed having a dog in our lives! Jenny sat wtih Zach in th eback seat on the way home. She only threw up three times on the way home! Oliver was thrilled the other three are very cautious but curious about this new creature! Jenny has adjusted so well. WE ahve been blessed with a wonderful pup.  at this writing a month and half later she is still doing well. She has chewed up nothing that did not belong to her though there are a few teeth marks on a couple of things! She rides well if not fed and has had some dramamine! She and Caleb are getting along famously and the boys love playing with her in the yard. She is very smart and has learned to “come” and “sit”. She refuses to stop chasing the cats! And is now enjoying longer walks in the forest! She picks up every kleenex she can find and sneaks bark and sticks in the house to chew up! All wonderful lab traits! I forgot I was going to name our next lab Kirby!(after the vacuum). Jenny is on the small size which was great for the first couple of weeks because we were carrying her to bed at night!She rarely barks. I hope she will bark at strangers eventually. But right now we are just thrilled to have her!


Tired Puppy

Tired Puppy


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