Posted by: denisevp3 | October 9, 2009

Cape Cod Vacation

We just returned from a week away at Cape Cod. What a wonderful time  of  rest  and relaxation after a long summer!


We are blessed to be able to use Chris’s Cottage. She is a dear friend from forever and ever. This year My friend Janet and Zach’s friend Ethan(Mother and son) were able to join us. They needed a vacation too! It was wonderful for Zach to have a buddy and we were blessed by Janet’s friendship as well.



The first day and a half were rainy and gloomy. Saturday even though it was raining We all put on raincoats and headed to Sesuit beach to play wiffle  ball in the rain.  The guys had a great time playing while Janet and I watched them and Caleb. Eventually the rain stopped so what did they do? Why take off the raincoats and go for a swim in the ocean! The air was warm, they had a great time splashing and jumping and running in the wonderful freshness of the ocean.


Sunday again dawned gloomy. The clouds seemed higher-up, but  the fog was blowing a mist on us. We headed out to the Dennis Braille park. There are playing fields there as well as a playground. The guys played real baseball this time and played on the playground. After a bit we walked the trail as we started out I thought the boys would be bored but we quickly found out this was a fitness trail and they loved doing the fitness tasks setup. It was really an adult sized playground but it was  a lot of fun. We walked the mile of the course and by the time we were done we were ready for lunch. The sun did decide to come out and we played on the cottage beach for the afternoon. good waves for the  boys! Lots of sand for the Caleb! Caleb  kept saying to us let’s go to the college, and I would reply Kyle is at college we are not joining him. After several times I realized he was trying to say cottage. We finally got him to say Cotlege(which he found to be humorous!)

Monday was indeed a beautiful day . We headed to Provincetown to the Seashore beaches . Herring Cove was a spectacular sight but too rocky for little feet. They  played for awhile, tried walking the beach but gave up and ate lunch . We went to the visitors center where you can go out on the deck and see for miles. Our next stop was Newcomb Ocean Beach. This was right on the ocean! big waves blue skies, nice breeze . The big boys loved this the best. They jumped and crashed into those waves til we had to make them sit and catch their breath. After five minutes they were at it again. This beach of course was not as fun for Caleb. The waves are too rough. We did take him for a good run though. After feeling like we wer fried we headed back to the van to find the battery dead. Luckily there are alot of people around! A quick jump start and we were on our way. Unfortunately even after driving for an hour it still died again so off to get a new battery.




Tuesday was a day to divide and conquer. Janet and I went to the thrift stores and Christmas Tree Shoppes and the guys went to batting cages, and a hike at Green Briar Nature Center. After lunch we went up to Sesuit beach and played in the water for a couple of hours . We did not make it til sunset.That of course is the best at this beach.


 Zach and Ethan played til they were blue and shriveled. They talked about different inventions . They had several ideas. Zach loves swimming under water so he would try to hide on Ethan. Zach and Ethan took up scooter riding and were old enough to go to the parking lot by themselves. It was a stretch for the parents to let them out of our sight. But it was one of their biggest memories and all went well so it was worth it! I would definitely take Ethan(and his mom!!!) again. Zach watched only a third of the tv he normally does because he had a buddy to go off with. I was also very proud of  Zach and Ethan because they did a great job with Caleb. They were able to include him in several things and were patient as could be with Caleb’s constant chatter and singing Beethoven’s 5th symphony. We finally just started calling him Beethoven.They were able to have lots of Caleb free moments so I think that helped!. 

Now if we could just bottle up the smells(not the dead fish or the tooting boys!) but the water and the pine and the sounds of the waves, laughter, squeals and the birds.We could have those fresh in our minds til next summer. I only took a thousand pictures and have downsized those to about 500. I think I did get to capture some of the joys of this vacation. It will make us long for next year. 


WE returned home on the 16th. IT was cool and several of the leaves have already turned and some are even falling. IT is officailly Fall. Time to start another season, in more ways then one!!!



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