Posted by: denisevp3 | October 9, 2009

Tap class.

Caleb went to his second tap class this morning. He has taken to it very quickly. There are three boys in his class. High numbers for a dance class! They are working on this very cutesy song about a duck. It comes complete with hand motions . The first day they worked on the motions Caleb eagerly joined in. He learned the motions and the words. Then the teacher turned the music on. It went downhill from there. Caleb layed his hands in his lap and sealed his mouth shut(A magic feat for this kid). I asked later why. “that is a stupid song and I dont like it!”

On the way to the second class we talked about the duck song and that he just needed to do it or his teacher would get mad at him. It is a dance song and just do it and get it over with. Ok,Ok. Again through the song he goes along and gets to the part where the music comes on and he shuts off again. My arms are not long enough to nudge him, soon two others are not singing either . The teacher ,who is rather loud, looks the first girl in the face and says why arent you singing,”my voice is tired” the second girl”I’am hungry” I am hoping she will forget and skip asking Caleb but no,I brace myself. Caleb why dont you sing” I dont like this song. I want Beethoven.”  Maybe he should be in ballet instead!      Just to make sure she understands as he says goodbye he asks her to get Beethoven for next week. She doesn’t lose a beat she replies I dont think I have any but I will look!




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