Posted by: denisevp3 | December 11, 2009


Last night I was very thankful for traditions. Our wayward(but turning back )Kyle was here with his girl Shannon. Now these kids all get along well. The younger pair adore the older pair and the older pair get a kick out of the younger two. Today was cookie making Day. Kyle is the master roller. Now this was a big day. Shannon has never had gingerbread cookies because the only cookie dough you get out of tubes is sugar and chocolate chip!! So many firsts for her. But all evening I heard Kyle tell her about this tradition or that, like “heres the angel the beautiful blue one we had to hide from the cats for several years because it has feathers in its wings and  they kept attacking it. “Here are the advent candles and my favorite book,One Wintry Night”HE told her about all the different cookies his Mom makes. I think the chocolate mint trees were second to the peanut butter with Hershey kisses. They were missing the watching of the favorite Christmas shows and he told her about other little things we do. AS we were doing the scripture reading for advent  it was the story of the angels coming to the shepherds in the field and declaring Peace on earth. I looked up at Kyle and asked if he remembered and he said I sure do. Kyle’s first Christmas we were asked to light the candle s on Christmas eve and to read those same scriptures. Kyle has and had even at 5 a wonderful memory so he memorized the angel’s message and he spoke it loud as the candles were lit.  There have been a lot of prayers for Kyle to return to the Lord with all his heart and soul. He  still has a way to go but the signs are promising!

Zach is slowly moving into the role as roller too. Zach was a tremendous help decorating the tree. . That has a lot of memories for him. All the special ornaments.

Caleb is still having his foundation laid but one day sooner than we want he will also be sharing his memories of our traditions. For now he is delighting and snow and declaring everday is Christmas because there is snow on the ground.

Before returning Kyle and Shannon to town they all went out sledding. They were not out there long because it was only 13 degrees this morning!



  1. I am getting caught up on your blog. You didn’t tell me when you did all of these! They are great. And the pictures are wonderful!

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