Posted by: denisevp3 | December 27, 2009

Jingle Bells bat man smells…

I won’t finish that famous song! I have been hearing that more than I want. I think I need to thank Zach for teaching it to Caleb. Caleb and his love for all things musical will not allow that to go to bed. Both of the boys are very excited to have Christmas . WE spend time at Advent . one of our first projects is to make a paper chain that they tear a link off every day until Christmas has finally arrived. Caleb really understood the point of that this year and was over zealous in wanting to tear off links. Some how he actually made it to Christmas with the right amount of links!

WE have made several batches of cookies,fudge and I even tried peanut brittle this year. it was almost perfect. I want to try it again.

WE did have a great Christmas. It was the first year Shannon was with us. She was greatly blessed by our family and we are glad to have had her with us.

Gramma and Grampa blessed us all even though they were far away in the sunny Florida. NEw coats and shoes and sweaters and slippers. Even the wonderful Transformers for two boys who can not seem to get enough of Them. Caleb is very excited now to own his very own! I had been telling them no more Transformers They weren’t getting any for Christmas. but as they were sitting there Transforming Caleb said wait a minute we weren’t supposed to get Transformers !Gramma and Grampa and Kyle Saved the day on that one!

The game of the day is to set up your Transformers (as robots) on you battle line. Then take turns throwing rice bags at your opponents side. So far nothing has broken but they are having a blast. I think the only casualty so far has been Kyle’s nose. One of those brothers has a good throwing arm.

ONE of my favorite gifts I gave this year was Willies bird feeder pole. WE had to cut down the large maple tree in the driveway that provide perching and hanging space for all  or bird friends(also a place for Cats to climb when chasing said birds). WEll needless to say with the tree gone our numbers have greatly decreased so Bill asked for a new pole to hang some things off. WEll upon finding out how expensive those things were I had to think of something else. So as I was walking Jenny through the forest I saw a small in diameter maple tree that would not amount too much where it was. Zach cut it down. I bought some brackets and after Bill went to bed on Christmas Eve Kyle and I went out with the drill and attached it to the old stump. by morning the birds were all over it and glad for a place to perch. a feeder and suet hanger are already being used. After getting the tree attached to the stump I was able to get several pictures of the awesome frost crystals that had been forming due to the heavy fog that ws covering the mountain. Every tree weed bush feeder rope the net of the trampoline all had these beautiful ice crystals. They did stick around all Christmas day (so did the fog) so I was able to get some in the light as well.

Now that Christmas is over the boys have been exploring and playing with all their new stuff. yesterday Zach started to put his solar operated gadgets together that Gramma and Grampa got him.

The wiring is a little tricky so he is still working on that. NExt he got into his weird and messy science projects book. The baking soda and vinegar came out and we got to watch a plastic glove inflate(several times and then a ziplock bag explode into the bath tub. They both enjoyed that one.

Caleb is busy driving his Robot (which Bill and I had been  Robbie only to find out that the first thing he says is “Hi my name is Mike!”) Robbie(Mike) shoots foam disks out his mouth and dances and walks every where. like into my foot!Now Robbie is in the bathroom but I don’t think there is any chance he will do laundry while he is in there. He is more likely to play with the toilet paper!

Well I have managed to read one whole book “the sound of Sleigh Bells” and tomorrow my husband goes off to work for the week. No gymnastics or Tap til after the new year!!! so maybe I will get my sewing machine back out and make my own flannel pj bottoms.

All the trash is out of the house and th ekitchen is once again taken oveer with coats and boots. ,time to settle in for the long winter ahead and enjoy all the sun and snow we get!


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