Posted by: denisevp3 | January 22, 2010

Fresh snow in the forest..

Last night we had a beautiful snow Fall. The temps have been pretty cold on a steady basis and it seems to have warmed up a little.the storm dumped about 8 inches of new wet snow. This snow has been great for forts and snowballs. Zach and Caleb were out all morning . I spent about 30 minutes helping them build fort walls so they could face off and pelt each other with snowballs. They did about two rounds and then started throwing the fort as well! oh well they had fun and so did Jenny.

When Dad and Kyle got out of work they started in on a new project. Kyle started a hole in the snowbank and Zach finished it off into a cave. while Zach was digging Kyle built a small ramp for Caleb to sled over. Higher the better! Caleb was thrilled to catch air over these jumps. On one occasion he veered off course and was headed down the steep driveway towards the road. Kyle called to him to jump ship but before he could finish Jenny ran up beside Caleb’s sled grabbed the front and pulled him into the ditch where he could safely get out!!!Way to go Jenny!     Unfortunately she thought this was a great game after being praised so well for saving him that he couldn’t get down any hill after that without grabbing the sled. and then he couldn’t get to the top of the hill with out her tugging in the opposite direction. What fun.


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