Posted by: denisevp3 | March 27, 2010

A Wedding story!

 Kyle proposed to Shannon!!!!! One cold day in January Kyle announced he and  Shannon had decided to marry. They picked a date in February and were just going to go to the justice of peace but it was too hard to contain the excitement. The news was quickly spread to the grandparents and some close friends here at home as well as staff at camp.

In short time we were picking out decorations looking at dresses and sending out invitations. Soon it was time to get suits for the men  and make up the menu. Table favors were put together as well as place cards, and the cake decorations were gathered. The new couple participated in pre marriage counseling while we admired their love from afar. We are all so excited for them.

Soon it was time to do the final preparations. Four weeks flew by quickly . Gramma and Grampa flew in, Grampa Bill and Gramma Karey arrived for dinner the night before. Grampa Ed arrived,Aunt Meg and Uncle Wil had to cancel due to the blizzard that occurred in Pittsburg, Uncle Andy and  Aunt Sue arrived Thursday morning.

Time to make the cake, do Shannon’s hair and get everybody dressed. We were organized and only ran a few minutes of schedule. Thankfully Mom was here she was able to make a quick adjustment to Zach’s pant legs. Then off with the tags and on with the suits!

What did Shannon wear? Well we found a beautiful purple velvet dress for  her. It looked gorgeous on her. When we arrived home from our shopping trip(just Shannon and I ,I asked her if she would like to try on my wedding dress. With a big grin she said she did. Those began one of the biggest secrets of the wedding plans!. It fit her perfectly and she was overjoyed to be allowed to wear it. I was thrilled of course. It  meant a lot to me as well, for her to wear my dress and to wear the dress my sister Debbie  had made was very special to us. Now only Bill and I knew of this secret for the longest time ,but then in true fashion I had to tell me Mom! I knew she would be happy as well.

The morning of the wedding Bill and Kyle prepared the food, I finished the hem on the dress(I can’t rush some things!), then I popped over to the kitchen to decorate the cake. I returned home in time to get everyone out the door with Grammas help and off to Bessie Wood lounge to start the service. Kyle was so very handsome in his suit. and so very excited for the vows to be said. He had made all the corsages as well as Shannon’s bouquet from silk flowers.   Another hidden talent found!

First the best man Zachary who looked very dapper walked his Mom to her seat. then he went to stand with Kyle. Caleb the ring bearer quickly came down the aisle to his seat. Now for the big moment. As the music played( Two is Better Then One) through the large doors in the back came Shannon in her beautiful dress Holding the arm of a proud Dad. Bill looked awesome in his suit as well. This unique wedding was about to start. As we watched our Son and Daughter join together for life. We are very proud of them ! They have allowed God to be a part of their lives and the plan to put this marriage together!

Blessings to Kyle and Shannon,February 11,2010



  1. So glad you are back to blogging. Good pics and nice write up. These writings will be very important to your children in later years.

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