Posted by: denisevp3 | March 27, 2010

Five feet under..

Under what ??Snow of course ! It has snowed for the last five days ! We have snow coming out of our ears and shoes. The snow is to the top of the railing,which is 4 feet tall. yet everynight at dusk the merry christmas lights faithfully come on at dusk.It is so nice to see them,despite the fact that all of their wires are buried deep in the snow.

What have we been doing, surprisingly enough the six of us are getting along fine. Impatient with the external world. I could whine like crazy over all this but instead we just keep busy. Crafts,shoveling,laundry,shoveling, sleeping, shoveling, gathering wood to the house, shoveling (did I mention that yet?).We are very greatful the electic has not so much as twitched. We have lost a few branches. but no damage.

The kitchen windows are closing up with snow. the back window only has a small tunnel of light showing in at the far corner. The snow has come off the roof (Thank you Lord for the metal roof!!) and formed a cave at the back of the house. Thank good ness the gas truck filled us up last week, the tank is buried. The sliding glass door is packed half way up, as well as a little on the other two windows. I have to go upstairs to see out when I get a little clostrophobic.

After Thursday I wont let Caleb out, I am afraid he will disappear. the snow is over his head, In his little boy voice he keeps praying to God to remove some of the snow from the deck so he can go out again. This is the same kid who keeps praying for snow.

Well we have a new game at the house this year. We usually have a guessing game of the date of the first snow in the air -winner gets the snowflake award, and the first storm of 6′ or more-winner gets the snowman award. It was decided today that we wouldhave to  guess the day the last bit of snow will leave the back of the house. I guess that winner will get the green grass award!(There has been snow there in May. IF you think of it do pray for us!

It is almost six o’clock on Saturday the 27th. The van has finally been freed from its trap and Bill has taken the two big kids to wallie world to get the shopping done! Hurray. Shannon nearly cried when it was pulled free.She has never seen this much snow in one place in her life!

Well I am off it is time for the merry twinkle Christmas lights to add some color to our white or (pink as Caleb insists on saying) world!



  1. The picture of the house is just amazing!! I cannot think of words to describe it. It is hard to believe it is real. Even in Chestertown, I don’t think we ever had that much snow!

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