Posted by: denisevp3 | April 6, 2010

The season of Lent

During Lent we have a few traditions that we try to do to remember what Christ was going though during this period of His ministry on Earth. We of course do simply crafts and  projects,as well as scripture and stories. We  always mean to do more! We have special books that I read to Kyle then Zach and now Caleb.

The first thing we usually do on Ash WEdnesday or close to it is to each carve a cross from soap. , the boys like to do fish or other simply symbols especially now that they are older. The soap cross is to be used during lent to remind us that Jesus washed awy our sins.

 WE made foam crosses this year. several of them! they ended up everywhere. on Daddy’s cast, Zachs face and hands as well as ones we sent to Florida to Gramma and Grampa and put in our rooms.

We tried a different method of coloring eggs this year. It was a interesting definetlly not a hit,and it made the eggs unedible. Oliver is seen in the picture giving them a sniff.

Kyle and Zach also made pretzels. The monks discovered this and made this special bread to  remember praying arms. They were very tasty.

ON Good Friday we place Jesus in the tomb and on Easter morning he has risen.Jesus turned up missin gthis year so we just used the pictures. Zach has grown out of this perticular tradtion.


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