Posted by: denisevp3 | May 14, 2010

Sunny Florida

Zach , Caleb and I were blessed to be able to go to Gramma and Grampa’s in Florida ! We flew down for 9 days of rest and relaxation!

Gramma and Grampa picked us up at the airport and took us right to lunch. Our plane left at 7am so were hungry when we landed at 930. After eating we arrived at Gramma and Grampa’s unpacked settled in and headed right for the pool! We spent at least an hour in the pool every day we were there. One day we went to the pool in the rain!

Our second day in the sunny south we headed for the gulf. Zach had goggles and Caleb had a bucket. The water and the sky were beautiful. We took a walk with Gramma and Zach shark went out far from shore hunting Grampa! It was great to relax and not think about cleaning up after this winters snow.

Gramma and I took the boys to see “Diary of a Whimpy Kid” it was very funny(a lot of kid humor)! It was Calebs first movie and he did very well. After the movie we met Grampa at a pizza buffet. It was a popular place. with lots of different pizzas and desserts to pick from.

We made a trip to the library and the park. Zach was a little to old for the park this time but Caleb had a blast running around.

We went to church with Gramma and Grampa on  Sunday and then out to lunch. It was a very nice service we enjoyed it. Sunday was the rainy day. we worked on a puzzle,walked around the park in all the puddles and then headed for the pool.

Monday morning we all headed to the Florida aquarium. The boys were very enthralled with all that was there. Caleb and Gramma touched a black indigo snake!! Zach liked the stingrays and all the other fish in the large aquarium. I liked the jelly fish.

We played lots of skip-bo and mexican train dominoes.And just enjoyed our time with Gramma and Grampa!

All to soon we were saying good-bye and flying home. Thanks Gramma and Grampa.!



  1. We loved having you here, the time went by too quickly.

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