Posted by: denisevp3 | July 31, 2010

The Cutest #5

Caleb turns 5! How did the time go so quickly!

Caleb celebrated his birthday over a couple of days. Two nights before we were all home and celebrated with cake and Ice cream. Caleb go to pick out and ice cream cake.

On His birthday early in the morning he got two presents. One from Gramma and Grampa and one form Kyle and Shannon. The first was a set of Battle Force 5 hotwheels cars the second was a track to race them on. HE played with them all morning. Next we left for the Home Depot where Zach and Caleb made Periscopes in the kids workshop. When their projects were finished Caleb picked Friendly’s for lunch. The waitress brought Caleb balloons and the wait staff  sang a different Happy Birthday. . Once we arrived home Daddy and Shannon were home on break and Caleb opened the rest of his birthday gifts. He rec’d lots of fun cars , a swing and bionicles as well as a transformer. He was one  Happy Five year old!


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