Posted by: denisevp3 | August 11, 2010

48 things to do before I turn 49…

1) Go on a family vacation to Cape cod(that’s a given but I had to start somewhere!)   WE had a great almost week away! Thank You Christine!

2) Finish the shawl I started knitting  Now to get it in the mail!

3) Finish the shawl I am crocheting  This one is a Oct. birthday gift.

4) Finish the sweater for Casey Jones

5) Not start any yarn projects til the three above are finished!oh well but I finished three more things!

6) Start and keep a morning routine (chores and school)

7) Stick to a bible reading plan

8) Organize my flower photos so they can be shared with others and preserved  Finished this project last weekend 9/5/10 just need to do a couple of editings.

9)Finish scrapping 2008 before 2010 is over

10) Scrap half of 2009 before 2010 is over

11) Finish 2009 scrap before June 30 2011!

12)Start 2010 July 1 and finish it by Dec. 2011

13)Make christmas gifts with the boys for their Grandparents.

14) G o on one date a month with my husband.  After Feb we got good at getting away once a week!

15)Loose 45 pounds by Dec. 1st.didnt happen. I did get started

16)Declutter bathroom closet    THAnks to Shannon we both worked on that and threw out alot of stuff and found the floor

17)Move at least one kid to spaceship room(if not 2 into bunk beds) Zach has been moved to the spaceship room!! Zach moved back up and d back down into kyles and Shannons room about a month after they headed to their apartment. Caleb just moved down to the spaceship/fisherman freddie room!

18)Declutter toys  Never ending process!

19)Get pjs sown for Christmas in Nov.!               Dec. 24th is more like it!

20)Use photos in a neat way for Christmas gifts

21)Volunteer with the boys at a nursing home.

22)Send more clothes to the rescue mission Thank you Bill and Dottie still need to do more!

23) Apply a finish coat to my china cupboard

24) Finish Calebs quilt so….

25) I can make a quilt for Zachary

26) Scrape ,clean ,prime and paint the house at the deck and front door.

This list is looking more like a finish something you started list!!!

27) Walk or ride my new bike 5 times a week.

28) Host a cookie swap at Christmas time-Didnt happen

29) Mail all the Thank you notes I make my kids write!

30)Plan a birthday party for someone who will be 50!! We had a great time and bill loved his new grill! The young adults got him silly gifts and teh box from my Mom made us laugh for days!

31) Believe in prayer.

32)Build a new book shelf for my kitchen to house the school stuff more neatly

33) build a bird house with Zach and Caleb

34)Get a good picture of the six of us for Christmas Cards

35)write a dreaded Christmas card letter;) LOL          Zach wrote it. I started but he looked at it and wrote his own!

36) Think about getting a real tree instead of the fake one(I think I am ready for cold and snow!)  Stuck with the fake tree

37) Help the chefs of the family find different dishes for the winter.

38)plant more crocuses. Planted more gladiolas and they are doing really well!

39) plant more tulips

40) Get the phlox out of the garden!

41) Have a little tea party

42)find two to three favorite things to relax or destress and not feel guilty while doing them.                Knitting.suduko when I put Caleb to bed that is Mommy time. a good hour to my self!

43) Read two books a month or more!

44)train up a deaf cat(just found out she has bad eye sight too!)3/11Lily is doing well!

45) Pray more with the boys so they feel comfortable talking to God when ever they want  about whatever. I do it to myself all day!

46) Help a friend paint her kids rooms in their new house.

47)  Make a peach pie   yum!        also froze enough for 3 more pies  

 48) Keep a prayer journal



  1. Wow! That is a great start. Guess I need to make my 73 list, or should I call it a Bucket List?

  2. your list is my list…finish projects (I have a pillow I was embrodering when I was expecting Maura, she’ll be 36 on the 24th of August). Yes I still have it!! this is a great idea. I will make my own list.
    Love the talking to God…do it all the time too!!!
    Love you, keep up the good work..
    ps. I want to do the bike thing too.

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