Posted by: denisevp3 | August 15, 2010

Unconditional Love Has Several Faces…

I had a terrible thing happen to me. Part of it was my own fault. I stepped out of my routine and took my purse in the store with me. Caleb and I were just at the Dollar tree but not one in a great neighborhood. We were looking for something but only found toothbrushes which Caleb was holding. I pulled him out of the cart and we stood in line for a few minutes and then left for the shoe store right next door. Now I carry my license and 90% of my cards in my pocket. So… it was not til Sat morning (the next day) that I realized I had left my purse in the cart the day before. WE drove right to the store but it was not turned in and I probably will never see it again.

This totally unnerved me. I have to admit I was a wreck. Crying came easily the distress of it all is beyond words. It didn’t just affect me(and Bill) but also my Mom. It meant she had to do some offense as well. SHe from afar just loved on me and helped me keep my head together. SHe did some fancy foot work and called to reassure me that things were safe on her end. I have clean up to do on Monday. I just keep praying some one will find it and turn it in.

This morning My StepDad “Grampa Roger” called to see how I was doing. and he shared stories and reassurance and that meant the world to me. As we hung up I thought these are the faces of unconditional Love. I am grateful we were not hurt , I didn’t leave Caleb in the cart.

Thank you to Mom and Roger for your Love and to my husband for his love and warm hugs in crisis. Prayers for my wallet to be returned!

I am sorry God I doubted. I love you!



  1. I think you handled it all very well. And you know our love is always there for you, sometimes it is all we can offer.

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