Posted by: denisevp3 | September 30, 2010

Cape Cod

WE had a blast as well as a much-needed rest from the work life!

WE arrived at Cape Cod on Sunday evening. we enjoyed our first night by settling in and having sushi and seafood salad sandwiches.(Caleb only ate hotdogs of course!)

the next day we hit the t-shirt outlet. Cuffies is going down hill. WE were not as satisfied as in the past. we did find a few things. we stopped at Trader Joes and Christmas tree shop then after lunch we headed for miniature golf. we did have fun there. Caleb had the highest score and Bill and Zach were just on point apart.So they were all crowned winners. Zach had a hole in one!

The rest of our stay was spent at the Beach. WE headed out to Provincetown where we walked out on the jetty and then back to Race point to play in the waves . Then we drove down to Newcomb Beach after some lunch. The waves were very large Caleb referred to them as”big gigantic scary waves!!”  it was starting to rain but we stayed a little while and they played any way. we spent a couple of nights and a day at Sunset beach(Sesuit) That is our favorite place. the waves are high enough for Zach to have fun and the water is low enough for Caleb to play with out us holding on to him.

Wednesday night we went out to dinner and Zach had his first lobster. HE named him Larry and then tore him apart and enjoyed every bite. Caleb was so tired from all we had been doing he almost fell asleep!

WE also rode 7 miles on our bikes. Caleb rode on a Adams trailer attached to my bike. this system allows him to pedal or coast It encourages him the balance . It does not allow him to steer or break. IT is a wonderful combination. WE have been out several times at home and hope to get in a few good rides before the snow arrives.

We were home Thursday about 1100 happy  and refreshed.

Thank you Christine. we love you and we love being able to enjoy the cottage so much.



  1. love that Zach had a hole in one!! the pictures say it all. Love them …you & Bill look pretty good! the boys too.
    glad you can come to the Cape. Makes for good memories, huh?

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