Posted by: denisevp3 | October 10, 2010

The prayers of a…..Caleb

There was a particularly strong severe Thunder storm going through with a chance of Tornado. IT came over the radio in one of those Emergency brodcast messages. I told the boys if was North of us and they didn’t need to worry. When I was putting Caleb to bed later that night he prayed :”God will you keep all those people and little kids safe,you will have to use more muscle this time because it is a really strong storm!”

Yesterday Zach ,Caleb and I went to a benefit concert for Freedom Guide Dogs. The pianist is blind and her dog lead her onto the stage. She played beautifully. Beethoven Chopin Debussy. The three of us almost fell asleep! WE listen to piano music at night! AT bedtime again with Caleb I prayed for Freedom Guide Dogs and that the benefit went well today and that more puppies would be available soon for them to raise and train. Then Caleb prayed that God would protect the blind people and help them all to drive safely!!!I had to interrupt that thought. I said now wait a minute we don’t need them driving and I certainly wouldn’t want to see a dog driving. he would be looking out the window with his tongue hanging out!!. I thought Caleb was going to laugh himself right out of bed!


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