Posted by: denisevp3 | October 27, 2010

20! already!!!!

Kyle with Laurie and Aunt Debbie at his “kid shower”

Kyle James my first son has turned 20!  IT is amazing to look back after 15 years and to even ponder of all the things he has done in those years. He is a smart, stubborn,creative,tender-hearted,and caring kid. I guess I can’t call him a teenager any more. He is a great husband, chef and big buddy to his little brothers. He has grown so much in the last two years. He does have maturity beyond his years! He is still sensitive and caring to the needs of those around him,but takes care of himself too!

He has been responsible with a very demanding job as a chef for a catering firm near here yet still makes sure he keeps his wife Shannon happy. He has had some wonderful experiences this past summer at work. It is still wonderful to see him grow and learn all the lessons of life and how to respect the “Law”

Thank You God for this boy!! We are so happy you entrusted us to raise him up, for he is truly your child.



  1. Denise that was beautiful. I can’t believe he is ‘grown up,” I still remember him as a little boy when Debbie had a shower for you & him.
    So cute! love him and you and all the passmores.

  2. i try to cooperate with “the law” as much as possible but i do say i have a few problems with them! i dont drive too fast and my windows are not too dark gosh darnitt!! dont they have more important things to worry about than how dark my windows are anyways? or are all the bad guys already locked up for the month? yeah, that must be it. oh well at least im givin them somethin to do!!

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