Posted by: denisevp3 | October 30, 2010

#12 #12 Tween!!!


If Kyle turning 20 wasnt enough ,Zach just turned 12!!!

It was just yesterday when that cute chubby cheeked baby with lots of hair arrived. Zach is a wonderful sensitive boy who rec’d a wonderful praise from his AWANAs commander. Last weekend Zach was called out of his group to calm his little brother. HE does what comes natural to him and that was to take Caleb in his lap and speak softly and find out what is going on and to calm him. Mr. Brian said he had never seen a teen boy with such compassion and softness towards a sibling.(HE also said even though Caleb was loosing it that he was one smart kid, Caleb told him to dial 111-1111 that was his number and he would talk to his Mommy and everything would be alright)

Zach has replaced gymnastics with Hip Hop this year. So far he is loving it. He was moved up to the intermediate class because she felt he was catching on quickly and they were more his age and size. It is fun to watch him do his moves! We also just joined the YMCA and he is now old enough to use the machines. Kyle went with us his birthday and showed him how to use several of them. We have also been swimming. It has been fun exercising together.

Zach was blessed with wonderful gifts for his birthday and has been drawing and writing up a storm. As well as listening to tunes like Black violin and grits as well as Adventures in Odyssey

Zach is a blessing himself and is such a joy to my heart! I love his hugs several times a day.

Happy Birthday Zachary WS! One more year til you hit the teens!I love you!



  1. OK tell those boys of yours to stop making me feel old!! I shouldn’t be suprised because he and Uma were born in 1998 and she turns 13(ug) in Feb!! h

  2. Zachy is a blessing and has been from the very beginning. We love you Zach and can’t wait to read your books!

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