Posted by: denisevp3 | December 19, 2010

Christmas preparations.

Today Caleb was a shepherd in the manger scene a small part with in the christmas musical the kids performed at church today. The five and four-year olds of the sunday school class got to be the “Manger kids”. Caleb in true form loved the idea of being on stage. When he saw me trying to get his picture he hammed it up for the camera.

Earlier in the week I was hemming the costumes for the little kids and Caleb asked is this my German Shepherd costume! WE will chuckle about that for a while.

After church today the kids started in on craft time. They wanted to make some things for Gramma and Grampa in Fl. so I can get them in the mail tomorrow. The Table is now a disaster,much worse than usual, but Zach and Shannon have been busy creating all day Shannon has created a wonderful Peace and Joy heart ornament and is now working on an angel. Zach and Caleb made hanging birds, and Zach worked on a Rock band called the Christmas Spirit. Caleb made a butterfly magnet(if he does not play it apart it will be sent in the package too.

I hung out on the couch and watched White Christmas and now I seriously hope those two older kids clean up well.

We have made two batches of cookies and the gingerbread cookies are tomorrow. I only have five pairs of Pjs to finish in a couple of days and I will be all set to relax through Christmas. I am glad we take time to celebrate and look forward to Jesus birthday. .WE have several traditions and Lighting the candles as well as books we read. One Wintry Night is our favorite. It is long and we leave the reading up to Kyle now that our eyes are not far enough from our arms to read the print


Shannon and I spent several hours wrapping last night so I have no excuses to not get busy on those pjs.

 After the cookies and Zach’s try-outs for the swim team!


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