Posted by: denisevp3 | December 20, 2010

Swim Lessons….

Today was the last day of swim lessons for this session. It was the first real lessons either one of the boys participated in. Zach has picked up a lot at camp and a couple of weeks with the home school group.

Zach excelled quickly with such good instruction. The staff at the Y is so good at reaching and teaching the kids. Zach’s instructor suggested he definitely move up or try out for the swim team! HE is very excited about this.  The best news and the proudest moment for Mom and Dad was when Zach received the “core values award”  “The Core Values award in given to a student in the class who exemplifies the YMCA’s four Core values:Caring, Honesty, Respect, and Responsibility. This student sets an example for others to follow by being polite, helpful to the instructor, and kind to the other students in class.”  Way to go Zach. We were so happy because this is the way Zach is all the time. He knew nothing of this award and was caught off guard. We are very happy for him!

This was Caleb’s first lessons as well. HE went from a cling on to a happy wigglers. His idea of putting his face in the water is tilting his head side ways and touching his ear to the surface! He is happy to go and is picking it up with lots of giggles!

 Zach tried out for the team to Day and He Made it!!!!!!

He is very happy about this and is looking forward to the practices twice a week. We are new to all this and so is our Y but I think he will have one swim meet a session so in about 8 weeks he should have his first meet! He loves the water and finds it very relaxing. I am happy for him, and I am praying he meets some new kids and developes a new friendship. It would be nice to have a chum, he has missed that since gymnastics.


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