Posted by: denisevp3 | March 11, 2011

A week of firsts!!!

Oh this was an exciting week! First Zach slept down stairs one whole week so we moved his own mattress and his bookcase headboard down stairs. (to which Caleb was very upset about after fooling around and hitting his head on the bookcase. He declared rather somberly “Why did you have to go and move that downstairs. I wouldn’t have hurt my head if you had left it up.” OF course Zach replied with you need to pay attention to where you throw your head. “Well I don’t have eyes behind my head you know!)

On Thursday Zach had his first swim meet. He was so nervous about doing this that at first he did not want to miss Hip Hop to attend. Well he finally did decide to go to the meet. He did so very well. He was in five events and he took a ribbon in each one. He was so excited when he got home. He was glad he took the chance and went. He loves to swim and is missing it this week.

Caleb had his first music class recital. He is in a Music Fundamentals class . They prepared several songs and each student also played a piano solo. Caleb did very well. He was nervous before hand,he was afraid people would laugh at him(In all reality I think he loves it when people laugh because of his antics!) This of course was different. They all did very well including Caleb!



  1. Denise
    These boys of yours are getting so big. I am so happy that Zach likes swimming. and Caleb looks so cute in the picture of him and the other kids! He plays piano, that is great. And a song man too, Wow!
    Love your blog and you and the family

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