Posted by: denisevp3 | May 13, 2011


Today we were able to get two blueberry bushes planted,as well as a new maple tree. The garden was an awesome place to be this morning. As we entered through the new gate I looked up to see two of the cherry trees just covered in blossoms. Another cherry tree we lost to a deer eating and brought back to life with one of the suckers. IT had blossoms as well. IT is good and tall but the last tow years only had leaves I was threatening to chop it down. ONE more year my patient hubbie said and voila it has blossomed! . The small pie cherry tree looks awesome and the peaches are just starting to bud out . The prospect of high yields of fruit are very exciting.

In other garden news the peas are planted. there is a lot of work to be done for the rest. The day was beautiful and we should be getting some stuff done soon.

We gave each other for Mothers day, Anniversary and Fathers Day: deck table and chairs, and a screen house. We ate dinner out there last night and played a quick game of skip-bo this morning . It is so nice to be sitting outside!


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