Posted by: denisevp3 | July 13, 2011

And Then He Was Six….

OH My goodness my littlest is six!!! My summer July baby’s birthday has come and gone so quickly. This was a bitter-sweet birthday. Plopped right in the middle of a busy summer.  We had our family birthday dinner for Caleb early, on Tues. Kyle and Shannon arrived and we had a blast. Pizza of course and brownies with frosting and red,white and blue sprinkles! Kyle brought some fire works from “the trunk” and we enjoyed a display until…The day before Caleb’s birthday,the big guys had free tickets to the new Transformer movie so Caleb and I went to See Cars 2. and on his birthday we stretched out his gifts from dad and mom  over the day finishing with a cake he sees at Sams club and now we know we love the cake too! We also stopped at Barnes and Noble so he could use his gift card from Gramma and Grampa! Then we  took Zach to camp.

Caleb has done some exciting things this year. He was able to take Music classes at a local Music studio . During the year he had a piano recital and the year was finished with a musical where they sang and performed on the Orff instruments. Caleb was picked to sing a solo for his group.”Meet me in St Lois”.This performance was at “the Palace” theatre in downtown Albany.

Caleb was also in Tap and Jazz . Their season ended with a recital at the SUNY Albany Performing Arts Center. Zach also was in Hip Hop. So we got to see both boys on stage. Caleb was asked to be on the Competition team if we can swing it financially he will start that in Aug!

Caleb is also in gymnastics. He loves gymnastics. He  also took swim lessons at the Y. He is not a fish!

At school this year Caleb has learned to write,read and do artihmetic.He picked up math very quickly! He is  also a skilled builder of legos and bionicles!

Caleb also attended AWANA’s where he learned over 28 Bible verses as well as all the books of the new Testament. He rec’d his book one award.

In April we had our first train ride to Florida to visit with Gramma and Grampa. We had a good visit lots of fun in the  sun . The pool, ocean and the miniature golf course!

Caleb is very busy all the time loves to sing constantly and has more energy then…. He really is a delight.  He is finally eating several foods (so I don’t have to fix just hotdogs, pb&j and pizza!)Secret agents do not eat mac &cheese.

Happy Birthday to a wonderful blessing in Caleb!!!!


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