Posted by: denisevp3 | July 13, 2011

first veggies of the garden

Today was one of those beautiful summer evenings. To begin it was Bills day off. One he needed drastically. He has not been feeling great so to have the time away from the kitchen was great. He slept late until 7:00!!! Did a couple of odd jobs that needed to be done. (unfortunately not the breaks the master cylinder is beyond us)He also got two naps in! The heat humidity and the long hours can take a toll. With all that said the evening was nice.

I had picked the peas with Caleb’s help and Caleb’s broccoli from his garden. We had some red potatoes so… A beautiful wonderful pot of pea and potato soup!!! Bill Zach and I love this soup(sorry Kyle ! He loves it too) We also had the broccoli. Well Bill and Caleb did! I was wise enough to pay close attention to it. and the little guy crawling on it did not look appealing even after being steamed. I carefully picked out Caleb’s(he had  no idea about the little crawlies) He ate half a cereal bowl! we also had cukes and toms but they were not from the garden. After dinner I slipped out to do a Sams club run and Bill mowed the forest of a lawn!.

The boys played out a little but it is so muggy. Zach’s arm is feeling better. He threw it out throwing dodge balls last week and then Sat. night he got stung on the lower arm by Monday it was infected and he felt lousy. He is on antibiotics. He missed the first swim practice but all should be well now.

Today I must get major amounts of laundry done move the dog crate down stairs and get some more painting done in Zach’s Room. It is a surprise for him. He thinks or I should say I keep telling him I am painting a large apple tree on two walls and a pond on the other. with a Hammock running kitty corner under the tree a real one he can sleep in. He doesn’t believe me at all but it is keeping him from guessing what I am really doing. I wont tell yet but will post pictures when it is done!



  1. I loved all your bogs–good writing and great pictures. You have inspired me—maybe I will try to write one today. Love, Mom

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