Posted by: denisevp3 | July 14, 2011


This day started very early. Caleb had an app’t with the dentist at 8:00 . Why did I ever agree to that time! Well he is up any way, 5:30 this morning. I think he should just go to work with his Dad! and let me sleep til 7! He did a great job at the dentist(putting sealents on his molars). He was thrilled with being able to go to Walmart with Birthday money from Aunt Meg and Uncle Wil. He picked out two “big “Transformers one for himself and one for Zach (its never fun to play alone!)(I am glad they like to share with each other)and a new green lightsaber!It will not be safe around here this evening when the light sabers come out! Thanks Aunt Meg and Uncle Wil!!

Oh well! WE ran up to Sams club for litter an the usually stuff for camp I picked up pictures to finish Zach’s room. I am just about done with the painting and He is excited . I am no longer excited. You see it is a room with a swim theme. . Two tone walls split with  the colors of lane line dividers and one wall with the bottom lane line. the flags and lane numbers on the wall and pictures of his first swim meet. A beautiful start dive and a couple of strokes. All would have been fine and I would still feel great about it . but…. Last night he had his first practice with his new group and coaches . They are good and thorough. They are teaching strokes as well as endurance. Well his asthma kicked in and made it a very scary practice for him and he is not at all convinced this is something he should be doing.He took in more pool water then a body should and it caused a drowning feeling that was beyond scary. His coaches are willing to keep working with him so we will work through this but I  can only ask God to give us all the strength we need to pull through. I will put the pictures  up to remind him and show what a strong swimmer he is!

Just watered some very pathetic looking sprout plants. I could barely tell where they were. I hadn’t planted them or been there at the time so it was a challenge. Hope they are in enough manure to make a difference in their little sprouts. everything but my carrots are looking good. I love carrots but they just don’t get. Hope I have enough for something. Caleb’s 18 inches of carrots came up better than mine so we will see ! Blue berries are turning I need to pick some today so the birds don’t find them. . They need to wait for their sunflowers to arrive in late summer. and leave my fruit alone!


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