Posted by: denisevp3 | July 19, 2011

Tuesday week 4

We have made it to week four of camp. The first three weeks were very consuming. We have several camps and retreat groups going on at once which called for both dinning rooms and separate seating times. It is much easier to serve the same number of people at he same time rather than being split up. But….. it is done. We will still have a crazy Friday dinner for two more weeks and then it will be just retreat groups non stop till Labor Day. We are thanking the Lord for a great staff in the kitchen. With out them there would be no Tuesdays off!!! 

Today will be fix the garden gates and fences. Bill and Caleb are on it already this morning even though it is early! Zach is still sleeping and I am getting ready to head out to Sams club. Lots of bread today!!!

Blue berries are ripe in the garden, Tomatoes are doing so well. I have them all tied to their  fences and they are off the ground so far!! Caleb keeps checking his broccoli for more but it will take longer the second time around.

Swim update . It went better on Friday . He pushed him self on Mon. and was exhausted and whinny when it was over. Wed. we need to ride bikes!

Time to get ready for Sams.

Gramma remember the hair pic you found in your drawer and gave to Zach. Well I keep forgetting to tell you it became a victim of potty flushing! I guess as the story unfolded that Caleb accidentally dropped it in the potty and the two older kids flushed it(yes they knew it was in there!) Mr. Rich again had to remove the said potty from its space to get the darn thing out!


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