Posted by: denisevp3 | July 21, 2011

Heat wave.

I have never been so thankful for an air conditioner! Thanks Mom. With out that air conditioner, and I know there are thousands of people who feel the same , I don’t know how we would make it through these days. It is 10pm and it is still 80 out . the sun has been down for over and hour but to no avail on the heat. The dogs have fans , the cats are sprawled out and we are all more than happy to go upstairs and watch anything just to have an excuse to be in the air conditioning. Despite all that Bill worked in the oven hot  kitchen and Zach rode his bike down at lunch time.

Late in the evening I did head out to the garden to check on the blueberries. I picked a cereal bowl full and now I think they would be great on some rice krispies!! All the lilies are in bloom reminding of Lilies arrival last year.

She finally was well enough and large enough to have her surgery done.. No more kitty howling like a Peacock!! She came through with flying colors. They usually like to be picked up the next day…b ut.. I had to go get her early because she would not settle down. WE attribute  that to her lack of hearing and very poor eyesight. She has a great sense of smell and that must have been driving her crazy!! Once she got home and indeed on the trip home Zach became the kitty whisperer and she calmed down and slept off her day’s excitement.

Well I am headed back to the cool upstairs room,grateful I do not have to go to work in this heat tomorrow but Saturdays a different story!



  1. I am so glad you have AC in at least one room. Hope that weather does not continue much longer for the north country. I remember when we used to get only about 2 weeks in August! It is unreal what is happening with the weather. Loved the pictures you sent today, the blue berries are fabulous. They look better than the ones we get here in Florida, and ours are very good.

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