Posted by: denisevp3 | July 28, 2011

First Fruits

I have almost enough blueberries for a pie! They are bitter so I quickly abandoned the thought of eating them on my cereal!Nice to look at but it stops there!

The raspberries are doing well right now. We have almost enough for a pie there too. Caleb picked a handful this morning to add to the bag. He accidentally sent them onto the ground by swinging the cup , when he looked into the cup and it was empty he was perplexed as to how that could have happened. He picked them back up. Lost interest and away he went. When Bill and I left the garden he picked up the cup as we left the gate he dumped them on the ground thinking it was a drop of coffee!! Boys what am I gong to do. Yes he picked them up! Everyone counts in the end!

The peaches look like they should be good this year. The trees are loaded! The apples have improved as well. They made great pies last year.

Two tomatoes so far. They are under control this year. I have been diligent about tieing them up so we should have no waste this year because it is hard to get to them. 

We saw our first little sweetball watermelon. It is the size of those large gumballs you see in the machines at the grocery store. We are very excited about its arrival. Can’t wait to taste it!

We lost a lot of corn the other day in a flash flood situation. Luckily Bill had gone to the garden to check after the heavy rains and found the corn knocked over . He spent an hour getting each stalk back into the ground. I guess he was a mess when he was done but he saved most of it!

The zukes and squash are producing now. The first basket load went to camp. That is where it is mostly consumed . I deal with some zukes here. I like to hide them in things like zuke banana bread and chocolate zuke cake. those are my two favorites. Bill and Zach like them with seasoned diced tomatoes.

Well I am off to restock the fish, fruit and granola bars. The staples of life! Dog food too!


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