Posted by: denisevp3 | August 14, 2011

August Day

Today was one of those wonderful August summer days. You can tell summer is well on its way , the grasses and wildflowers are the late summer variety. A walk through the garden shows the peas are long gone, the corn is tassling, the peppers are ready, the tomatoe plants are covered with green fruit  and the  brussels sprouts have just begun to grow in earnest.

This morning we decided the time was ripe to pick the peach tree. Most of the peaches were ready. some are still green. Caleb had to count the peaches as they went into the baskets. He finally gave up on that one and just counted “his own” he had 35 all together adding the other two baskets we came up with about 120! I made pie filling for four pies, 14 jars of peach syrup (jam) and one peach crisp! The peach crisp quickly disappeared with a little vanilla ice cream!

We had a break of five meals from camp. ONE whole day. We were excited to be able to go to church this morning but in reality no one was up on time!. Bill and Caleb got  out for a long walk with the dogs  in the morning and the rest of the day we worked at the peaches. The rain gloom set in about noon. But it is Sunday so we are about to beat the gloom with laughter and watch AFV.

Caleb has moved down stairs with Zach. I finished his room last week and Aunt Maria got to spend the first night in it on Thurs. Fri. night Caleb was excited but went right to sleep! he was up before six!Prompting me to get a large clock with firm reminders to stay in your room until the little hand is on the six at least!

Maria was here to celbrate our 30 year high school reunion! We went through our yearbook. Most of all we ar just grateful for having been together all these years. A friendship that has gone up and down but always stayed on the tracks. We are like sisters,we are sisters!

Now it  is time to count the days to Cape Cod!


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