Posted by: denisevp3 | September 24, 2011


goodnight Irene! That is what a lot of people around here would have liked to have hurricane Irene do! Instead she devastated whole towns washed out houses, bridges, locks on the Erie canal . Ruined whole fields of crops. washed away farmlands and fences. Just left a mess and then a week later it poured again.

As for us we were touched a little by Irene . Not in the devastating way so many people and towns faced but a little damage none the less. Our power was only out for 24 hours 2-4 days. We lost half of one driveway not all of two driveways . We lost a small patch of corn(which actually continued to grow and we were able to lift them up and pick it. Most of it was to water logged to enjoy but a couple of pieces were really good!)

Four fruit trees fell over but we got those back up. we had picked alot of the toms the day before Irene and were able to use those when they ripened.

The boys had fun sleeping in the same room again for a couple of nights.

At camp the kitchen basement /storage flooded and we lost a lot of food and equipment. Two washers two dryers . a lot of igloos and a lot of papergoods. The compressors were under water which with the help of the fire dept. we were able to quickly drain off and the compressors were up and running again. One of them is experiencing problems now and we are still hopeful that it can be cleaned and adjusted and run well again. Other then all that we just had a few trees and branches here and there. We are all fine. THat is the biggest blessing! We are grateful to God for keeping us safe and out of any major harm. Glad to be in the forest on the top of a Mountain! I will have pictures later.


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