Posted by: denisevp3 | October 8, 2011

A tale of two Suits

This is a tale of old. (because it happened on June 12th.)  It is a tale of two suits or costumes. a short tale! .The boys had their dance recital on the 12th of June. Gramma and Grampa were meeting us there. Dad and Mom, Zach and Caleb and Shannon all piled into the  van and headed for the performing arts center. We were early so we stalled around by getting coffee before parking. We found a spot, piled out. I grabbed the shoe bag and we headed for the building we needed to go in. All of a sudden I realized I did not have Caleb’s suit or costume!!! Bill headed right for home. Shannon got a hold of Kyle who had not left for work yet, They arranged to meet. I rushed in with Caleb and found Miss Karen to tell her what happened. She was more relaxed about it then I was! There was another little boy who was wearing the same costume but not til the second half. Caleb was on third! We got him into the little boys suit and he made it on stage without any problem. Shannon met Dad and rushed Caleb’s costume in just before he started his number and Bill had to park in Timbuctoo so he missed the first number. He did arrive in plenty of time to see Zach’s performance and Caleb’s second performance (in his own costume)

The boys did a great job! Caleb will be on the competition team starting in August!


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