Posted by: denisevp3 | October 8, 2011

cape cod

Bill and I were so thankful when the time to escape to Cape Cod finally arrived. We were exhausted! Most of the “kid” staff had left and that made the two of us for the last three weeks. We had occasional help but it was the two of us. Thankfully we work well together. Near the end, of course, we had a visit from Irene.         Here she was quickly dealt with.

One week after Irene we began our packing it was pouring. We went to bed it was pouring, we  woke not as early as planned, it was pouring, we finally said that’s it let s do this.  We carried the soft pack rooftop carrier out to the car and got it strapped in place. It was pouring. We put the bike rack in place. It was pouring. We filled the trunk. It was pouring. We put the bikes in place. It was pouring . We settled the boys into the car . It was poring. We each  prayed for various things about our trip and we headed off down the road it was pouring. It rained all the way to the Cape. It  rained  all day Thursday,til  late in the afternoon. When the novelty of the Disney channel wore off, the rain stopped the gloom stayed but we all went to the beach and walked in the sand in the gloom anyway. The next morning it was gray but not  raining so we headed out with our bikes to ride the rail trail. As we rode the gloom started to lift and the sun slowly came  out of hiding. By noon we were rejoicing in the warm sun and a ride well done.

Caleb rode his alley cat bike which attached to my bike. Zach had a rental bike a Jamis it was wonderful(I had the same one rented as well). They shift so easily. We rode 8 miles without a problem!  Zach and Bill went about four more miles. Caleb and I dawdled on the way back. Arriving just minutes before the other two by now the sun is totally out!!!

Janet and Ethan arrived around three. After they settled in we headed up to Sesuit beach. The boys played til they turned blue! the sun set and we jumped into our cars and headed back  to the cottage.

Saturday we headed up to Wellfleet tot he Mass Audubon refuge.  Here we had signed up for a  Turtle Trek. WE had three guides and we were to go in search off hatching Diamond back terrapins. We saw several nests but no hatching terrapins! We saw a couple of pond turtles. A cute frog and had a nice (quick ) walk though the marshlands. It will be nice to go back sometime with out the time  constraints. At the conclusion of our walk we were allowed to see several five-day old baby terrapins. They were in the nursery and would be released soon to set up hibernation.

I would like to say we enjoyed a picnic lunch after this but… a large crow was sitting in the tree tops above our table and he pooped on us!! it splattered every where!!! That lunch ended quickly!!

After cleaning up that mess we headed to Nauset Beach. The waves were high but just right  for Zach and Ethan. Caleb enjoyed him self in the quieter surf. It was windy but the sun was bright and warm. After a couple of hours we headed out for pizza. We found a quiet little place that looks like it would be hopping in season. The pizza was good. Six tired people headed back to the cottage. The end of a wonderful day(I could have done with out the crow!)

Sunday morning dawned Sunny as well. We had a slow start. The boys took their scooters and skateboard down to the parking lot. Caleb is very quick on his scooter. Zach and Ethan messed around with the skateboard. unfortunately Zach took a spill and landed like a dog jarring his lower arms. They hurt pretty bad for several days. Just before lunch Janet and Ethan headed for home. We ran a couple of errands and then headed up to Sesuit for the sunset. The tide was out very far so we enjoyed a walk to Bills rock! We found several really tiny shells. We shared some with a couple of older women who were also walking the beach. They were very excited. A friend of theirs is working on a tapestry and will be weaving those tiny shells into the work. She has entered these types of works in shows in the past and has won several awards for her work. We didn’t get her name but we hope those little shells will help her to win again. Zach and Caleb had a good time playing in the water together. It was so nice to hear them laugh and squeal. To see them run and splash . It was good being with my hubby and not worrying about work.

Monday morning our time has come to an end and we are packing up . This takes several hours as we pack and clean up behind ourselves. We did well with food this time. Usually we have too much! We left the cottage by 10:oo and wove our way to the potato chip  factory and then out to the old kings Highway for our scenic route off the cape. We arrived home by 4:00. Just a little rain on the this trip.

We are now refreshed and ready for the season of Fall!

Thank you Christine for letting us stay and refresh at your wonderful cottage!


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