Posted by: denisevp3 | November 12, 2011

Birthday Boys


Birthday boys. October is a busy birthday month. It is not only Kyle and Zachs but, Uncle Wil,Gramma Esther,Aunt Sue  and Grampa Roger. (In order!)Happy Birthday!

Kyle is first . My(all right our,) first son! HE has grown so much since his first birthday. Today he is a good husband who cares very much for his wifeShannon. He loves her and watches out for her dafety as well as providing a secure home for her. He guards their marriage.

This birthday was a milestone for him # 21! HE is now legal to do all things but rent a car( you have to be 26 for that.) Happy Birthday Kyle,I love you and so does Daddy and your brothers of course adore you!

Now Zach is hitting a mile stone as well. HE has reached the tender age of 13! Which of course means I again have a teen ager in the house! Zach has been a wonderful help to us as he is able to take great care of Caleb while I am at the kitchen.

Zach is finally able to watch PG-13 movies! and get his first real serious pocket knife. Kyle asked what he was allowed to get him. “nothing scary ” Well it is scary bur very boy like so teach him how to use it and dont be stupid with it. and  rite of passage has beeen reached! Steering the vehicles on camp roads will increase as the years to permit will be soon over.

In the mean time Zach will keep up his budding writing skills. His is imagination and plots have grown and improved greatly in the last year. Zach also loves to draw.

Well Happy Birthday you too you are both truely a blessing and very special!


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