Posted by: denisevp3 | February 24, 2012

Dance Season

The beginning of dance competition season is upon us. Today was Spirit day. A day for all the families and dancers to gather and watch each other, eat, go over rules and practice a fire alarm in a school! It was a long afternoon. There are some great dancers in Caleb’s dance school! I am amazed at the talent. Caleb is in the youngest group and for the first time ever he froze up on stage! This has never happened! He made it from one spot to another but not with all his dance steps. He was  very upset but by the time to do his second number he was over it and ready to go. Now he remembered everything this time , he just went in the wrong direction!! The teachers were laughing so hard they stopped the music to have them start over but…they hadn’t told Caleb he was the one in the wrong so he did it all over again. Luckily one of the stage dads was there and got him pointed in the right direction!

In March he will have two competitions in Albany at the Palace theater. Then in April in Hackensack NJ Then May in Rome.(When I first told him about Rome he was very excited to be be able to go flying!!!I neglected to say Rome NY!) The recitals three days worth of dancing will be held in June and then on to the Nationals in Virginia beach in July.

Caleb loves to dance! He will be Tarzan in one number. the skinny long-legged kid he is, has to look strong!! In his tap number he is a farmer for perfect piggies?? and in Ballet ( not comp team) he will be Prince Eric from the Little mermaid(Ballet is not his strong point!) Ballet is required for Jazz.

I will post stories and pictures when I can.


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