Posted by: denisevp3 | February 24, 2012


This was the first Thanksgiving we waited for one of our kids and his wife to arrive. It  seems like we have just always been together! They arrived as soon as they could as Shannon had to work that morning.

We had all the dishes ready .The food was well prepped at intervals during the day. The Chef of the family has his routines! I made pies the day before. 8 pies to be exact. Only two were headed somewhere else. We had our usually sweet and mashed potatoes olives cranberry sauce and stuffing as well as scallop corn.

The turkey was huge. Enough for dinner and left overs for a couple of days.I love turkey sandwiches and a casserole that has brown rice turkey and raisins and some different spices(which I can t remember at the moment).

One of the best parts about Thanksgiving is the day after . Grampa Ed is usually here . He very patiently waits at the bottom of the ladder while I take down the Christmas tins with all the dishes in them. I unwrap and change out the dishes and we put everything back. It is like freeing old friends and so delightful to be setting the table with Christmas cheer!


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