Posted by: denisevp3 | February 24, 2012

Teen Painter

Just before Christmas Zach took an interest in painting. He has enjoyed watching the “Bob Ross” painting classes on PBS. He was thrilled when I found Bob Ross painting classes at our local Hobby Lobby. He was soon registered . His first painting was beautiful! On the way home I offered to stop at the kitchen so he could wash up with the gritty hand cleaner. He wanted no part of this. He declared he was never going to wash his hands, he loved the smell and the sight of paint it reminded him that he was truely an artist now!

Since that first class he has attended two more and looks forward to going to classes once a month. His instructor has spoken highly of his talent. She said he catches on quickly and stays very positive in class(well except for the last time)

I am amazed at how well he does and at the things he is able to paint .Good job Zach!


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